Hi. I am Amy, 30-something, a legal professional and has been in a rat race for sometime. About two years ago, I got fed up with the this job market system and I wanted to have more freedom when it comes to my time, money and people I wanted to be with.

Just like other millennials, I also wanted to retire early and enjoy the remaining days of my life exploring the world and to have a life well lived.

In that same year, I started living frugally by saving half of my salary. I thought I can’t live with a budget but as soon as I started, saving became natural. As I became a good saver, I upped my savings to a higher percentage-more than half of my salary. As the savings accumulated, I decided to invest. Since I was a farm girl, I decided to venture into it. It was good and I saved even more until I was able to buy my first car.

Several job transfers and promotions after, my salary more than doubled from my first job but I still continue living frugally. I still maintain the same lifestyle I used to have. Save from the things I consider as essential, I don’t get to buy much stuff especially the pricey ones.

Thing is, this change of mindset led me to a better perspective towards life and happiness. Presently, I sympathize with the others who wanted to take care of the planet. I love nature, I like going to my farm and plant trees and crops. Thus, in my own little way, I am taking part of this worldwide revolution in changing how we live.

This blog is not about making a political or social statement. This is just a string of personal commitment and values I am practicing. I am making my own share in living a simple, sustainable, earth-friendly and well-lived in my own definition of life.