For some reason, adopting this type of lifestyle made a dramatic change and perspective towards my life. It makes me understand and find the things that are important to me and makes me happy. With that knowledge, I discover that there are not so many things to cover that. The things that I do now and own are the ones that add value to my life. Thanks to the internet and the people who shared the same feelings as I am. They bring in new ideas and inspiration in my pursuit of this personal journey.

The first step is to eliminate and discard the things that I do not need and do not add value. The result is amazing. It made my space decluttered and free. Though I’m still about a quarter away from clearing everything “unimportant” off my closet, drawers, cupboard and other parts of my storage, I feel clearer and happier. I do intend to discard and purge more of my stuff once a month. I also apply the principle that if I buy something new like a new blouse, I have to discard an old one to give space for the new. However, buying new clothes is something I seldom do nowadays since I prefer buying second hand. Aside from it cost way less than the new, it also helps taking care of my environment since I do not add more trash- this is another internet story i read and got inspired with.

Second is wanting less. I tried assessing myself and in my almost 30-plus years of existence, I realized that there is not much I really need let alone want. I identified those needs and to some extent-wants and stick to it. The less I own, the better it is to mange my schedule, work and my life.

Simplicity makes life uncomplicated and livable! Simple thinking even if the problem seemed not, simple approach to such problem and simple solution. I no longer fret over simple problems. I realized that life is not that complicated.

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