Taking Off

I started this blog not only because I was inspired by other bloggers, instagram-ers and the other platforms of social media and the whole internet people who are making this paradigm shift to start this revolution but its more of a personal battle in living my life to the fullest.

So many young people quit their jobs and travel the world, meet new people, discover cultures and understand what life really is by their own definition.  I personally think its the new norm or one way of differentiating this generation to its predecessors. Our previous generation might judge us as the lazy bunch or the generation that has no direction but I personally viewed this as a generation of substance from within. Yes, probably we are poorer than them and less stable and predictable but we are less fearful as well since this generation does not follow structures- they make their own.

While i do not intend to leave my 8-5 job (at least, not yet) to travel the world and work as a bartender in a remote island to fund my living, I am making baby steps and intend to take back my freedom.

This blog might be about frugality, simplicity, sustainability, creativity, eco-living, tiny house living and others. I said might because I myself has no idea where this blog would take me. Currently, I have a day job but I practiced being frugal (like not buying new clothes for over six many months now), sustainability ( growing my own food in a container and cooking healthy food), eco-friendly (segregating trash and recycling but most especially reducing my trash) and others.

Thus, allow me to share with you my own personal journey through this blog. For those of you who are interested in doing the same, your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.

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